Friday, November 23, 2007

Day After Thanksgiving - thank goodness!

Lots of people over yesterday and good eating and drinking, but we are all exhausted today. I am still sick but with the help of antibiotics am hoping that this cough goes away; it's been an ab workout with all this coughing. My cousins are all in town and I'm invited to play tennis but I may go watch only. They are younger and very lively and enthusiastic - groan.

I've had time to work on my 100 things, and also bought a instructional booklet on colored pencils which has been great fun to work thru. I'm tempted to go out today and buy some additional colored pencils (they have a great art store here in Sarasota) but I keep hearing Tony telling me that I only need three pencils to work with, red, blue, yellow. But - there are so many different reds, and blues and yellows - so maybe I need to get different ones???

I have been helpful to my folks, driving them to Dr. Appointments etc. but hope that they don't catch this cold, that would be such a drag for them. Mom was complaining last night of a tickle in her throat - I'm really going to feel guilty if they get this, and I'm not here to care for them.

Hopefully homeward bound tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have a tailwind. Hopefully I won't throw up in the plane like I did on the way down (little 4 seater - no escape) . I live in hope.


Forever Young said...

so glad you feeling better, you've had a time of it haven't you! my second antibiotic course still not worked, am sooo fed up by now!

Sarah said...

Poor you - what a horrible way to spend your visit. Hope by the time you read this the anitbiotics are really working and you're feeling better.

Kim Larsen said...

Hello -

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Kim Larsen