Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My good friend, Ms. Forever Young tagged me to tell 5 random or weird things about myself. Okay FY - here I goes.

1) I too am a member of the mile high club
2) Underneath my frantic activities I am lazy, lazy, lazy!
3) I love early mornings, before anyone get's up, before the cars are driving.
4) I think I suck at just about everything but that makes me try even harder.
5) I like and love my family from mom and dad to littlest grand niece.

I am not going to tag anyone cause they've all been tagged! Maybe later -


Forever Young said...

ha ha no one else has every admitted to the mile high thingie...well done you...
saw your pic on 'please draw me' and you're so cute, lovely hair colour, gonna draw you soon....

Michele said...

OH, I LOVE early mornings too. Before I had Zoe, I used to get up before everyone else on Sunday and just enjoy the quiet of the world. It always amazes that a world so full of people can actually be still for a bit. But now, Zoe wakes up long before I'm ready so no more quiet time in my house until she becomes a teenager.