Wednesday, November 14, 2007

100 things - unknown person biography - project # 8

The project is to draw an unknown person and make up a short biography about them. I had fun with this as I love to make up stories about people, about their lives. I also learned (again!) that if you try to work with a pen that has any kind of liquid ink - it will explode on a plane. I worked on this portrait and story and then put it aside and started to work on something else. Tried to use my silver ink pen on the back of this sheet and SPLAT - a big blob of ink came out which now shows as a grease spot on my man's head. Oh well, perhaps the 95th thing I should add is "mess up your artwork".
The Biography of this guy reads: "John Q - born in Spain to a poor family. Went to school thru 7th grade and then started working with his father on the family fishing boat. Got big and burly. Married at age 20, had 6 kids by age 30. Bought his own boat by age 35 with money from secret cod fishing spot. Hired a crew and expanded the fleet.
Died at age 35 when a rogue wave swamped his boat at his secret cod spot. Son Cesar survived the wreck and was picked up by a passing Italian fishing boat. Cesar never fished again and never ate cod for the rest of his life"


mrana said...

Sounds like fun! And a great sketch too, ink blot and all :D

ksklein said...

nice one. you know... i think the blot adds to the pic. it seems like an old pic with a story behind it. :)

Forever Young said...

this is so enterprising, i really like it. when i'm 'people watching' i do so like to make up stories of their lives in my head. nice one.

Lynn said...

Your stories are triggering memories for me, even your made up stories. My husband's grandfather was a captain of a fishing schooner out of Nova Scotia. He went down with his ship at age 35 leaving three sons. None of them followed in their fathers trade.
Thanks for the tip about ink and airplanes. I'll leave my ink pen home when we fly this holiday coming up.

Mim said...

Oh Lynn - that's kinda spooky. Yup - be careful on the airplane, I've ruined more than one piece of paper with a splat of ink.