Thursday, November 1, 2007

More stuff from the antique store.

You can tell by now that this was a bonanza trip.

This picture was one that I had to buy for a measly $3.00. This photo was about 10X14 - hand colored. A picture of the family dog, in hand colored glory, in it's own frame - I just felt that it had to be rescued. Someone really must have loved this pooch, with his little feisty look and standing up ears. It would have broken my heart to have left it behind.
I named him Sparky.


ElizT said...

I could not have left it either.
What does this say about us!
Pathetic, but lovely.

Forever Young said...

oh you soppy thing you, bless your heart.

bookbabie said...

Ah, he's so cute, posing perfectly for his portrait:)

Anonymous said...


My what petite feet you have!

Debra Kay said...

Sparky-what a beauty! What a truly amazing little being he was.