Sunday, November 25, 2007

100 things - Favorite Tree

I love Kerstins drawing of her favorite tree, and wanted to get mine done while I still can get out to the trees without stomping thru snow.

Picking my favorite tree here at this house was easy, we mostly have pines around the house and I'm not in love with the tall white pines, but do love the Blue spruce so drew that. I was tempted to go back to my old house, as that house was surrounded by wonderful trees. We had a giant, beautiful, useful maple right in front of the house. Besides being beautiful, it shaded the house in the summer and let the light thru in the winter. I just love(d) that tree. We also had a beautifully flowered catalpa tree, a horse chestnut, a plum tree, and two apple trees, two butternut trees, a rowan tree, multiple ash trees and for many years, an old and wonderful elm tree that had not yet succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease. That tree was just magnificent - tall and reaching it's branches upwards, just inspiring to see. It finally did succumb to the disease and we had to have it cut down, if it had fallen it might have taken the house or barn down. I didn't go home the day it was cut, and then had a young cousin come over to split and stack the wood.

So, the decision of which tree to draw here was easy. I would have been hard pressed to choose at the old house - each and every tree was my buddy.


ksklein said...

the pine is wonderful. i like the way you use colored pencils. i keep getting back to using my ink pen, as i don´t like the results of the pics when i use color.
i should try more!

anyway your tree post started a tree series in my 100 things journal. ;)

Anonymous said...

really liking this softy series of drawings.

tree goes deep, doesn't it?