Saturday, November 3, 2007

100 things

Kerstin and I are doing the 100 things-to-do as mentioned in an earlier post. In order to start, I felt I needed to do action number 3 and buy myself a nice watercolor notebook and my favorite pen. Funnily enough, Kerstin started out with the exact same action and got herself a beautiful red covered journal and pencil set. Do we know how to shop or what? Additionally I made myself a copy of the list in a more ordered format and am going to paste it in the front of the notebook - all this before I saw what Kerstin did. It will be interesting to see how similar our other actions are.


Sarah said...

Well I hope you both have some fun with this...

I'm sure you'll have lots of differences as well as similarities ;)

ksklein said...


At the bottom is a pdf with the list which is more organized. that´s the one i printed out and pasted in my journal.

ksklein said...

That´s really funny, that we even bought similar things. But then it is the task that took the least time. ;)
My journal is a watercolor journal too, just a lot smoother than the Moleskine (I used the Moleskine in Amsterdam).
And the pen? Is that a Rapidograph? I need to get one of those too.

ElizT said...

Ah, the shopping, the setting up; the cupboards full of unused equipment.
[Just to encourage you.]