Sunday, November 18, 2007

Illustration Friday - November 16th

I seem to be out of time lately for IF - but love the challenges and don't want to miss them all. So I dashed this off and scanned it in before leaving home - it needs color and some more details but you get the picture.

My grandmother was so superstitious and she taught me everything she knew. It didn't take on anyone else in the family but I was her best pupil. She always claimed that "she wasn't superstitious, but just wanted to be careful. Bah Humbug! Grandma was as superstitious as they come. She also taught me how to knit, how to make gefilte fish, how to make a peach pie, how to be afraid of heights and the worst one... to be terrified of bats. She convinced me that bats would make a beeline for my hair, make an immediate nest and I'd have to spend the rest of life with a bat nest in my hair.

Anyway - here's to Grandma and all her superstitions!


Forever Young said...

this is cute
you've been tagged friend,as i don't think it will irritate you. write five weird/random things about yourself (see my blog)

Lynn said...

I love your grandma story! Mine didn't talk much, but I am sure I got my "green thumb" from her and maybe my creativity, as she was a wonderful seamstress. I now quilt. She always had freshly baked oatmeal cookies in a big fat cookie jar when we came to visit.
Grandpa made the gefilte fish from white fish at the kitchen table. He also shelled a lot of walnuts.
I like your drawing.