Sunday, November 25, 2007

100 things - Drawing Red things

We're back from Florida, and I'm now feeling exhausted. I have the sort of constitution that will keep on going until I get a chance to relax and them ....wooph. Down time needed! So Sunday will be a true day of rest for me this week, before going back to work.

But I did get a chance to do alot of 100 things this week. Here are examples from "Drawing Red Things" ;

Red Grapes (kinda purple)

A red silicon potholder - more about the words later

Red Purse

and of course, Cranberries

and an apple...

I sat at the kitchen table in Mom's house drawing - it wasn't the best place in the house but Dad would sit at the kitchen table and talk to me while I was drawing. He told me about an uncle of his named Tony Pinelli, who was a musician and artist. Tony would draw pictograms letters from his travels and send them to my grandmother. He'd draw a little picture of each of the aunts (there were 5) and incorporated them into his letter somehow. The actual letter's haven't survived but Dad told me that his mother got such a kick out of them. He also told me that Tony Pinelli was a guest conductor at the Met, and that somewhere there was a picture of him and Toscanini at the Met. I don't know who has that picture now. Tony Pinelli died in Mexico after being hit on the head with a large bell. This story sounded strange to me, and Dad said that his father (who was a doctor) was very suspicious of this story also but no one could prove foul play.
Interesting the things you can learn while sitting quietly, doing a quiet task and just listening.

Here is the link to Kerstins latest post. I got a giggle this morning comparing our two notebooks. Mine is becoming smudged and worn out. Kerstins still looks beautiful and clean. There is more to this project than just doing drawings and posts. I'm likin' it.


Forever Young said...

you're so lucky and blessed to have both your parents and feel so close to them. i like your red things, mostly the cherries.

ksklein said...

the red silicon potholder and the purse are cool. but what i really can´t stop looking at are the cranberries. they are just bright, lovely and simple. they really caught my eye. great!
you know what. last week i bought cranberries for the first time in my life and tasted them too for the first time. of course i have tried dried ones and juice and lots of other stuff in the states, but i´ve never had fresh ones. they are not common here.
i made cranberry nut bread and cranberry cupcakes. boy, they were delicious. i hope they get more common and lots more cheaper here soon.

Anonymous said...

love these drawings soft.

and the death-by-bell story... great..I mean it'd sad, but picturesque.

Mim said...

I do have a decent relationship with my parents - lot's of hard work to get there tho'. K - I also like the cranberries the best, they just "happened" - you know that great feeling when something just works?
And yes Switch, that bell story was very visual for me. I mean really - what was this hapless uncle doing standing under a bell? Was it while they were ringing it? I think he was shot by a jealous husband and the bell story was made up!