Wednesday, November 14, 2007

100 things - draw your dinner

I drew my dinner on a plane (where else) on Thursday night going down to Florida for my mini-vacation. You can see that I didn't start out this vacation with good food, and while the food was somewhat tasty at Disney, it was NOT good for you in any way. So I started off this trip with a dinner as nutritious as most of the meals that followed. Peanut butter crackers and coffee. I did this in pencil as I can't use pen and ink on a plane as it usually explodes - as I will show in another post for 100 things.

Here are links to some of Kerstins 100 things - 1 and 2


Anonymous said...

I love these real life/ real time drawings there's something so human and warm about them.

ksklein said...

i agree with switchsky. and actually i really do enjoy unhealthy food. :)

did you draw the lines later with an ink pen? or is it dark because of the scanner (to show the light pencil lines better)?

Mim said...

I did darken the lines on the scanner. my favorite rapidograph is buried in my suitcase somewhere - and I haven't unpacked yet. I have to find a very fine non-liquid ink pen to use - any ideas?

Forever Young said...

i like the yellowing oldy feeling of the paper you used, nice.