Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Animal Wednesday - Fish Fancy

It all began with this little sketch, done on the plane to Florida last week, inspired by who-knows-what.

I showed this to my niece and nephew when they got to the house last Saturday and we all started working on larger drawings, the kids helping me with details. Forgive the scans - I am drawing these in pencil very lightly before coloring. Here is where we stand so far...





We have plans for:
gold fish

Since I have only fished once in my life (up at Graces lake) I wish I knew why I was so facinated with fish - but I just give up trying to understand. I like drawing fish.

This was fun to do with the kids as they thought of different ideas for fish and some details for the drawings. Took their mind off things and got the whole family interested in the details. Now I just have to deliver the goods.....


soulbrush said...

sooooo glad you're back. your animal wednesday posts are so unique. i love this concept. what a neat idea and what a great way to distract kids and get them involved. i know you are all gonna have fun. wishing you a 'fishy' HAW from me and my little pastel fish (i've never fished ever, but do like them).

ksklein said...

Hey Mim, these pictures would be perfect for a coloring book. In case you need an idea for your next printing project. ;)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love this theme for your fishes. Just keep on drawing them. Don't worry about the why. Fishes are such seemingly serene creatures silently gliding through life.You have given them great personalities here.

marianne said...

Wonderful fishes! Fun!
I like fish too but not fishing; I have done it a few times and I felt so sorry for them.... Know I am a coward I rather buy them dead.
And yes fish are , just like all animals inspiring!
Happy Animal Wednesday!

Ps Hope you feel a bit better.....

Mim said...

Fishies are fun...and it was great fun with the kids. My nephew Andrew is great with little details like "put a red nose on the clownfish" and things like that.

kj said...

did you draw these to 'scale'?
did you FINish them?

a swimmingly fine start to another
'school' of illustrations...


Teri C said...

Maybe in some other life you were a mermaid/ teehee.

It is so fun to draw with kids and these fish are so imaginative.

studio lolo said...

I love these!! So far the Monkfish is my favorite :)

It's really nice to have you back. There was a hole in our blogosphere.


Lynn said...

What a fun idea and your style comes through beautifully. I see another book in the making! Really!!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

How fun. You could do coloring books for the kids. They would love it.

ElizT said...

Don't forget Oafish and Standoffish.

sukipoet said...

these are such fun and how great to play this way with your nieces and nephews.

Mim said...

OH KJ - that is priceless - wait until I tell the kids -

I'll add Standoffish and Oafish to the list along with can-of-tunafish that Andrew wanted.

Thanks all, this might just make it to the MimStella Publishing company someday...

Debra Kay said...

One fish two fish, Mim's got a new fish

kj said...

hey, if i can start chihuahua press, you can definitely start mimstella publishing. let me know if or when i can share the steps...

ps lucky lucky lolo. she got ms. em's book just because she is such a kind and thoughtful wonderful person. i should be happy for her...(smile)


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

These are so cute. Childish but who among us hasn't seen Monkfish on the menu and had a mental image of a...well, Monk fish...

They all made me smile and looked like great fun to draw with the youngun's