Sunday, March 8, 2009

I accept the challenge

From SB and others - 10 things about me. ( oh, I'm supposed to do 10 every day??? We'll see)


1) I really am very shy - and if possible, would run away with my tail between my legs before entering a room filled with people I don't know. But I don't run.

2) I should have graduated college at age 18, but took a semester off so I could reach 19.

3) The first time I saw Mr. T - I knew I was going to marry him someday. I'm not sure he knew.

4) I love dogs, more than most people.

5) I believe in God

6) I like to watch TV, or at least to have it on a background noise.

7) I would still rather live in an apartment building than a free standing house. The apartment seems so...solid.

8) I love to drop my clothes on the floor at night, instead of putting them away. I love that tiny freedom to do as I please.

9) I actually do like my work

10)I love, love, love gadgets, all kinds, both electronic and mechanical. I just adore gadgets.

OK - tag - you're it.


Artist Unplugged said...

Hey I wonder why your two previous posts didn't pop up....sorry! You had some wonderful zentangles and they looked marvelous when you photoshopped them....I want photoshop! I'm going to do the ten things about myself to....but they will probably get really mundane and boring! I enjoyed reading yours today....I am the same with the tv! Hope you are doing well, thinking of you. Big Hug

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I do like to learn about my blog friends and this is a nice way to do it. I will have to try to think of 10 things about myself that would interest people.

Lynn said...

You actually graduated as in finished college at 19? Wow. You must be a genius!
I too love learning about each other this way. Thanks for being brave and playing!

studio lolo said...

Wow, you're brilliant!
I like learning more about you.
I'm shy too and have zero self-esteem. And I used to leave the TV on just for the voices (company) but now I crave silence since bri started working from home :P

Gadgets intimidate me. Once I learn how to use them I like them.

I think this tag is hard because of listing things we've done. I don't feel like I've done enough to talk about!

Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself :)

marianne said...

Wonderful facts! I love gadgets too!!!