Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowy Day...Thanks...and a Giveaway

As you've probably all heard, we are having a "Mega-Storm" named for all the Mega-cities that have been snowed on in the past two days. It actually is pretty snowy out there, and yes...I did go into work this morning just to wet my feet (literally and figuratively). It felt good to go in, I'm glad I did. No one was there, so I cleaned and organized myself - and came home by 11:00 am to work from home. It truly was therapeutic to get back to work - I missed the routine.

So now I am sitting at my computer, looking out at the winter wonderland - probably for the last time this year. I plan on a small snowshoe tonight - just enough to feel alive and sparkly.

I can't thank you all enough for your thoughts, prayers and advice. Many of us have lost loved ones this year, and all the different yet similar experiences are so helpful to hear. Nothing one feels is "wrong" or "right" - time for healing must be allowed, time to grieve, time to come to terms with the new world. Relationships are changed in an instant, balances shift. Time honored beliefs are changed. I feel like listening to "Turn, turn, turn" - remember that?

So now it is time for a Giveaway! In anticipation of a large project that I am working on, I did a trial picture book using my infamous Miss Em. And I LOVE the way it turned out and will be doing more. But I'd like to give one (or more!) away to my friends. I have a few names in the magic hat already (Fern,Lynn, Teri, Miss Cynthia, Deb, SB, lolo..) but leave your name on this post if you want to be in the giveaway and I will pick a name on Friday, March 6th. You will receive a hard cover book, signed by yours truly, of about 20 Miss Em pictures.

I really could go wild with this book type production, it was alot of work but SO much fun to see the end effort. And all done on the MAC - with the touch of a few buttons.

Much love to all, Mim


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mim I am glad you are feeling a bit better. Nothing like getting back into the saddle to bring the mind back.

I would be delighted and honored to receive one of your give aways. Please put my name in the hat.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Sounds like you have a big storm and yet you got out and about. Nice to take charge of your life again tho. So it was probably good for you.
Yes put me down for your give away. I love your work. How fun.

Mim said...

Thanks Lisa and Cris - your names are in the hat.

kj said...

is it okay if i put my name in the hat 36 times?

if not, hmmmmpf, okay, then put me in once. or twice. or what ever.

the book looks fabtabulicious. i would happily happily buy one if available, if of course, someone other than me wins the contest.

welcome back mim. hugs to you,

sukipoet said...

Glad you are rebalancing yourself doing things you love to do. Yes,please put my name in the hat. The book looks delightful.

Lynn said...

Oh Mim, the book is delightful.
Aren't those programs terrific?
I love that you did this with your artwork of Ms Em. How many pages is it? Happy to be in the running/hat/giveaway chance!

Nice that you went to work to get grounded in some sense of normalicy and it worked for you...I hope you get to snow shoe too and that it is enjoyable for you. I could put on rain boots and splash in big puddles here! ;-)

Artist Unplugged said...

That book looks wonderful!!!! You may add my name ma'am. I would be interested in learning more about this technique. I was busy this weekend, it is good to hear you recovered quickly from your whatever it was illness and I hope routine will help some. Take care, big hug.

studio lolo said...

it sounds like you had a perfect re-entry~nice and gentle.

The book looks amazing!! Thanks for putting my name in the hat. Wowee! Like KJ, I too would be happy to buy a copy. What a treasure Mim.

Happy snowshoeing and welcome home!

Teri C said...

I am so happy to hear life is returning to normal, well as normal as can be after a loss like that.

Oh boy, I hope the Teri you mentioned is me cuz I just LOVE Ms Em!!!!

You made this book? I need a Mac!! Then I could make a cactus book. :)

Anonymous said...

How cool - please put my name in the hat.

marianne said...

The book looks fabulous!
I want to be in the hat as well, please.....

That you are having such a snowstorm! Hope spring will come soon!
Good to see you are back and trying to get things back on track.

big hug!

Jude said...

Oh, oh,oh, yes please.... your book looks lovely, please put me in the hat......

Debra Kay said...

Mim, I wish I was sitting with you in your snowbound house making books on our MACS!!!

ksklein said...

Mim I´m very curious. Can any details about the large project be revealed?
The book looks lovely btw.

ksklein said...


studio lolo said...

Dear Mim,
All I can say is WOW and thank you from the bottom of my heart. The book arrived today and I was blown away. I even looked up your phone number and left a message...probably at the wrong house! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.
I'll treasure it!

Karen Mowrey said...

Oh how fun, you go girl!

Lynn said...

Mim, I just saw your book on Marianne's blog today. It looks marvelous. Have you any for sale? How much??? Wondering.

And am still trying to get your final word on the cards so I can send them out to you. 8 or 10? And if ten please choose two more.
Thanks, Lynn the nag! ;-)