Friday, March 27, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Sometimes Love Can Break your Heart


Artist Unplugged said...

Such a simply yet lovely illustration...and oh, so true. Bless you.

Teri C said...


human being said...

and the irony is that only love can break our hearts...

perhaps to create artists who can change this wound to art...

impressive artwork!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

I immediately thought of the song by Neil Young...

When you were young
and on your own
How did it feel
to be alone?
I was always thinking
of games that I
was playing.
Trying to make
the best of my time.

But only love
can break your heart
Try to be sure
right from the start
Yes only love
can break your heart
What if your world
should fall apart?

I have a friend
I've never seen
He hides his head
inside a dream
Someone should call him
and see if he
can come out.
Try to lose
the down that he's found.

kj said...

mim, did you draw this for me?
okay, of course i know you didn't but then again, you did...

i love the feet the most. i think it's really the way feet are when a heart breaks.

thanks, mim.

studio lolo said...

Only love may break your heart but a warm puppy can mend it ;)

That's a guarantee!
Hugs to Miss Em. (and you!)

Mim said...

love you lolo...

Fern said...

feeling it, Mim.

six words and some simple lines are enough.


Marie Reed said...

It's amazing how powerful your 6 simple words are.. I do hope that she lets that sweet puppy uncross her arms and open her heart!

Mim said...

Fern-sky - good to see ya girl.

Thanks all, I'm sure our Miss Em will rise up and start dancing soon

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We know the dog didn't break her heart. Dogs wouldn't do such a thing. He is trying to cheer her.

sukipoet said...


Call Me Cate said...

You say so much with so little.

Lynn said...

I saw a young client this week whose heart was broken by love lost. My heart so went out to her.
Ms Em looks so forlorn. I hope they both heal quickly.

Debra Kay said...

I'd rather have a heart that can be broken than one made of stone.

marianne said...

so true but I like Lolo´s addition.
animals have a way to fill your heart with joy (again)
She really looks heartbroken....

Paula Villanova said...

Just a few lines, yet they powerfully convey emotion. This is very touching.