Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Animal Wednesday - Snow Swans

We went kayaking on Sunday - and yes, it was cold. Actually it was a beautiful day - but there is still snow and ice around and it was strange to see the kayaks sitting on the snow.

We came across some swans on the river - they got a bit offended that we got so close and walked across the ice to get away from us. Sometimes they would fall thru the ice, and sort of waddle back up, and swim, and waddle, and walk.

I was tired on Sunday - but the river was very relaxing. But on the way back we were paddling into the wind and the current and I was feeling drained - so DH offered to "practice" towing my boat (with me in it). So I attached my boat to his and off we went. It was heaven. 45 mins of being towed in my kayak - falling asleep in the sun for a few minutes.

In the end I disconnected, paddled back to the landing, did a very ungraceful fall into the freezing water, and slunk back to the warm car, where I had dry clothes.

HAW to everyone!


soulbrush said...

i love the sight of that swan walking on the ice, that ;s so incredible. and the last shot brought to mind:
'love is......'
HAW my dearest mim.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a lovely day. Going up river in a kayak is difficult. What a nice hubby to tow you. The swans are beautiful. I love that first picture of your trail through the ice.

sukipoet said...

those are amazing photos of the swan. you two are quite brave, going out there in the winter. glad you had a bit of a respite. it is nice to be towed once in awhile! Stay dry. Suki

studio lolo said...

Great photos. I love the last one. Kind of a "hero" shot. "I'll save ya Mim!" ;)

You fell in the water? You've combined 2 of my least favorite feelings...wet and cold. Yuck!

Things are going well for hubby and his sister on the Cape. Thanks for asking :)


Teri C said...

Seeing those kayaks in the snow was a surprise. Yikes, you are brave. The swans are so beautiful.


Debra Kay said...

Kayaking is still on my bucket list. Now that I've chalked off the earthquake, maybe I can focus on it.

Mim, you are in my thoughts and prayers, and thinking of you gliding across the water actually makes ME feel better. Thank you.

Lynn said...

The whole time I was reading this I kept thinking how awful it would be to fall into this freezing cold water...and then kurplunk you did it. So sorry! Oy.
The love story is the best...what a sweetie to tow you around the lake while you got to doze and take it easy...before the big kuplunk of course! Oy again.
Pretty swans.

Artist Unplugged said...

A wonderful post.....the swan is lovely. It is quite brave to go out on the water in such cold conditions. Had to be sort of temporarily cleansing for you and what a sweetie to haul you in!!! He's a keeper for sure. Take care.

human being said...

exciting adventure! and so soothing too... the swans... and sleeping in a the sun as you are towed... hmmmm...
really enjoyed!

as the persian saying goes:
the description of the joy is half of the joy (i.e. when you read or hear about a joyful event, half of the joy there... is yours)


marianne said...

I can see everything like a movie in my head........
Especially your fall in the water.
I took a walk today with the doggies and saw so many spring signs! At your place it still looks like winter :(
Happy Animal Wednesday!

Michele said...

I'm with Lynn. All I can think about now is the freezing ice water. You are WOMAN for falling in that stuff and still wanting to blog about it.

lmerie said...

Noticed your pic of the kayaks (on what appeared to snow) on Muse Swings side bar - came for a peak.

Wow! It is snow! Looks like a great adventure! I don't believe I have kayaked in the cold - yet!


katie jane said...

At first I thought you were joking because of all the snow in the photo! I can't believe you all still have snow! And I can't believe your DH towed you for 45 minutes. Mine would have, well, let's don't go there. Sounds like an invigorating day.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Dang I felt that fall into the cooooold water. burrrr. :)
Lovely seeing the Swans, Almost worth the dunk. :) How sweet of hubby to tow you back.