Sunday, October 28, 2007

First try with colored pencils

I first bought colored pencils a year ago, probably cheap ones, and didn't like them I just got a new set and they are much easier to use, a creamier texture and richer look.

Yesterday I was trying to get Tony to tell me what color he saw a tree as (the trunk). Of course, he got all artistic on me and went on about primary colors, and purples and yadda, yadda, yadda. All I really wanted to know is if he saw brown or grey but whatever. Anyway, today I took my nice new colored pencils, and only using red, yellow and blue - did this little leaf. Needs to be bolder but not a bad start I think.


ksklein said...

wow. only red, yellow and blue? that´s very good. i think you are right... the colors would look better if they were a bit bolder.
but it is still lovely. somehow it looks a little blurred and that is charming too.

Sim Sim said...

this is nice. i think it was good if u cud do some more shadows specialy under the leaf so it showes the volume. totaly nice to look at

Anonymous said...

I love this..delicate peaceful..yum.

reminds me of a couple is the art lesson I used to actually two art is having the kids go out and look at tree trunks and then come in and draw..NO BLACK or BROWN allowed- oil pastels-..I've got a blog post on it somewhere...the other is when I'd dump a bag of fall leaves on the floor and everyone must take one and get to "know it" from every angle for a few minutes, then (I don't tell them this part is coming)I collect all their leaves and toss them back into the big pile. They must find "their" leaf. The intital panic is quickly replaced with amazement at how easily the recognize and find their leaf. THEN they draw it..artsy lesson ensues.