Sunday, October 28, 2007

last post for the weekend - busy week ahead

I went to an antique store today to look for some of that "ephemera" junk. I saw lots and lots of junk - and also found what amounted to a entire family history in pictures and letters, newpaper clippings, playbills, postcards. I was saddened to think that no one wanted this families 'treasures' anymore - and got a bit maudlin. But to make up for that, when I take pictures of unknown people, I try to give them names or stores. So Auntie Agnes and Cousin Rose came home with me tonight.

Most of it I didn't take, as the pictures were bad, or faded. I did take some letters and loose papers . Here is a poem, handwritten in pencil, as far as I can tell it was done in the 20's.

I'll post more as I scan them, most are about love - written by a woman (or girl?)

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ElizT said...

I have some adopted photos; in one, a whole family looks ill.