Friday, October 5, 2007


I came down to Fla for a visit with the folks and Dr. visits, medical supply store, drugstore and perhaps a movie at some point.

I flew down from Atlanta and we flew thru some of the most beautiful cloud formations - towering storm clouds higher than 30,000 feet, lit up with the setting sun so that they looked like they were glowing from within. Having flown near these babies in small 4 seater plane I know how enormous they can be, and how alive and powerful. It was a bit of a treat to see them from the window of a 727 in all their glory, and not to be worrying about getting too close to their fury. Does anyone else have the belief that clouds aren't really water vapor? I'm a scientist and I understand the logic completely, but these towering Cumulonimbus giants seem to be so alive that they seem beyond physical laws, and appear to be reaching and growing, not with malice, but just because they can. Perhaps my imagination is getting the best of me, but there are times when I truly believe in ancient weather gods and ritual propitiation.

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Forever Young said...

these are indeed magnificent. has to be more than just vapour for sure!