Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rainy weekend

Rainy weekends are relaxing, time to read trashy novels and the local paper by a roaring gas fireplace and to crack up at the local news. Here is a clipping from our local paper. I know our town clerk, wonderful lady, 10th generation on the farm and I may send an email to her with a drawing of me:

Walking thru the woods, on a well marked path, dressed in Bright purple and orange - singing out loud with my dog (still imaginary) dressed in a bright orange doggy jumpsuit.

Note that hunters can wear brown clothing and it is permitted for them to be mistaken for a deer.
Having lived in hunting areas for years, these tips are actually useful, but putting them all together forms a great image in my mind.


ElizT said...

I would be tempted to dress the hunters in orange jumpsuits and arm the deer.

Mim said...


Ellis Nadler said...

I guess albino deer don't last long

ElizT said...

Or orange ones.