Sunday, October 14, 2007

The World of Dieting

Yes, it was an active summer. Lot's of hiking and kayaking and bike riding. Also, lots of cookouts. fall jeans don't fit very well. They kind of remind me of Junior High School, where really tight jeans were all it - and you would put them in the dryer at high heat and have to lay down on the bed to zip them up. That's OK when you're 15...not so OK when you're over"39". So I started a very strict diet on Saturday. Very strict. I don't see any results yet (it's sunday am). How is it that one can gain 5 lbs overnight after a binge but it is impossible to LOSE 5 lbs overnight? I don't agree with that physical law.

I'll keep you posted, cause I know you care...and are very interested in this type of nonsense - hee, hee.

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ksklein said...

well, i know exactly how you feel. at least i´m always wearing skirts so it doesn´t really show. but during the last holidays i gained 11 lbs. in one week. the first lunch on sukkot we were already stuffed and not feeling well. so usually the amount of days i gain the weight, i loose it again in weeks. that should be around seven weeks in this case. when´s hannukah, btw.?? ;)