Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday am

I just love getting comments and ideas from people, thanks to all who comment on my work and give suggestions and encouragement - it means alot to me.

I am just watching the morning news and seeing the fire devastation in San Diego. I was supposed to be there this week for work but cancelled my trip last Thursday and just went for a personal to mid coast CA. So glad I am not stuck in SD waiting to get home! I hear that some friends from work have been evacuated and may have lost their homes. I just can't imagine the devastation and loss. I pray that everyone is safe which is the most important thing...but oh, it must be so hard to lose your home, and everything in it.

I'm going to watch and see what kind of help is needed for those that are homeless and give where I can. Now my quilts will come in handy.

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bookbabie said...

My sister lives in Carlsbad, it's been a rough week:(