Friday, October 19, 2007

Going to the west coast

I haven't posted for three days and it feels like a long time -oerhaps because I've been so busy. I am on a plane right now, going to LA and then to beautiful San Luis Obispo for the weekend. A trip to the west coast for three days only seems nutty but it's my little brothers birthday and I want to see him! My business trip was cancelled so I grabbed my frequent flyer miles and am going for this short trip.
There is great opportunity for people watching on a plane, what always amazes me are the people who get on with nothing but a tiny handbag. No books. No magazines. No food. I bring about 5 magazines, two books, my computer, and a drawing pad. I know I overpack but really...just a tiny handbag???

Ooh a lady just went by with a terrible facelift...wish I could draw that, maybe I'll try.

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ksklein said...

Take me with you.... LA my fav. city!!!