Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Art Day ATC trades

I have never participated in trades before but now am involved in Monday Art Day ATC trades - tons of work to keep track of who you are trading with but what fun! I can't believe that I am trading my stuff for these little works of art! Here are a few that I have received - I'll show them all sometime but there are alot.

This on is by Lise Richards, a wonderful watercolor and pen and ink drawing called "Amongst the Trees"

The Blue Cat on the Orange Chair is by Kat Blue - a wonderful little sleepy picture.

The one below is so beautiful, and is called "Cat Watching a Falling Star" by Eslina - all the way from Singapore!

I received "Daisy Fairy Green Dress" by Mike R. Baker

More coming soon. I am raising my level of trades based on these wonderful little art works - everything has come so beautifully packaged and signed. I have to live up to everyone's standards!

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