Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mixed Media Class

I am taking a mixed media class and to start out, the instructor ( a delightful woman) gave us picture of bones to start our creative juices flowing. I started out making a bone-legged woman in a short skirt, trying to do something "meaningful" - you know - bone legs and high fashion ...anyway it wasn't working at all. So I put it aside and covered a box with brown paper and started drawing and then the bone pictures came out and the eggs came out and I got a fun box. Doesn't mean anything!
Oh, I guess you can't even see the bones in these pictures - but they are there.
So, I am thinking about buying a new computer...anyone have any opinions on Mac or PC?


ElizT said...

beautiful eggs and soft colours but anything remotely like a dead bird gives me the creeps, sorry.
I am very fond of my Mac!

Mim said...

I understand about the dead bird. I get queasy myself, this instructor is very into birds and I think I was influenced by her pieces - which show bird mummy's etc.

Forever Young said...

fascinating, what will you do next?


In the art world I can't imagine going without a's the best !!