Friday, October 19, 2007

Going to the west coast

I haven't posted for three days and it feels like a long time -oerhaps because I've been so busy. I am on a plane right now, going to LA and then to beautiful San Luis Obispo for the weekend. A trip to the west coast for three days only seems nutty but it's my little brothers birthday and I want to see him! My business trip was cancelled so I grabbed my frequent flyer miles and am going for this short trip.
There is great opportunity for people watching on a plane, what always amazes me are the people who get on with nothing but a tiny handbag. No books. No magazines. No food. I bring about 5 magazines, two books, my computer, and a drawing pad. I know I overpack but really...just a tiny handbag???

Ooh a lady just went by with a terrible facelift...wish I could draw that, maybe I'll try.


biteyourowntail said...

Why do people do it? Very few face lifts look natural, you can nearly always tell.

ksklein said...

Take me with you.... to my fav. city LA!

Forever Young said...

missed your entries. our computer is messed up, so can't post either right now, boo hoo.