Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just found a new blog

I am a cultural anthropologist by training and while not working in the field (had to earn a living) am still facinated by primates. Could watch them all day long, and frequently do at a good zoo (San Diego mostly).

Check out this blog. Bonobo's are the best!

Here's an interesting story:
At the San Diego zoo a trainer told me that they gave the orangutan's, the chimps, and the bonobo's a sealed box filled with food. There were some holes in the box, but they couldn't get the food thru the holes. Here's what happened:
1) The orangutan group worked on the box for a long time and managed to get all the screws out so that they could get to the food. Took them forever but they did it.
2) The chimps got frustrated and smashed the box open. It didn't take them long to get frustrated.
3) The Bonobo inspected the box and then went to the trainer and with gestures, asked for the tool on his belt that contained a screwdriver.

Wow, wow, wowee

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Sarah said...

I love that little story! Off to have a look at the blog now!