Monday, January 7, 2008

An award from a friend

Kerstin gave me an award today which actually tops off the end to a great day. And it was a Monday which makes the fact that it was a great day a big surprise.
Kerstin is an amazing person, someday we'll have to meet. She constantly amazes me with her quest for the odd and unusual, her finding of great ideas and projects on the web, her love for sort of sideways movies. Amazing woman, thanks Kerstin - I enjoy our projects together and love watching us both grow in creativity, talent and art passion. I will be passing on this award to 10 blogs...but not tonight. Tonight is one of the last nights I have the house to myself and I am going to lose myself in a goopy movies and draw pictures and enjoy.
I have two more days at work, then down to Florida and am going to meet up with Deb for a cup of coffee or something like that, as we will both be in Sarasota. I'm so anxious to meet Deb, and nervous as I usually am about meeting new people. (I have to guard against calling up people before I meet them to pretend that I have just developed a plague that they shouldn't catch so let's cancel our meeting ...OK? ) What if we have nothing to say to each other (yeah right...with my mouth?) or if we hate each other on site...or if we wish we could spend more time together...or....or....or. My imagination runs wild. No fear tho' I am not missing the chance to meet Deb - she has become a very special blogging friend and it's going to be great to meet the person. But should we wear red roses in our lapels so that we know each other? or pink hats? I'm sure we'll find each other somehow.
Photo opportunity don't you think? (But what if my picture comes out bad, or Deb thinks I'm ugly or fat or boring or,or, or


Debra Kay said...

LOL-I have the same fears too- but can't wait to meet. I am boosting my immune system even as I type this, so plague should be no problem

Michele said...

I've know Deb for years and she is one of my most favorite people in the world. You will LOVE her and you guys will have a wonderful time. Enjoy ... you're actually getting to see her more than I do these days : )

Anonymous said...

Silly Mim. Have a great time you two!

Sarah said...

Oh I relate to this, oh yes I do.

I went to a dinner party on New Years and one chap cancelled at the last minute because he 'had too much work to do' - oh yes? On NYE? Sure you'll be fine hon.

ksklein said...

Hey Mim, thanks fo this wonderful post. I do enjoy our projects together too and I´m glad I found someone who takes it easy like me. Only problem is, I don´t find enough time at the moment. :(

I feel the same way about meeting people in real which I have only met on the net. Your concerns ;) remind me of a meeting.
So far I did that only once. A group of women who had met on the net decided to meet. So I invited them all to Munich to stay at our place and I think we were 4 or 5. They came from all over Germany. One of the ladies was American (her husband was stationed here) and her biggest concern was, whether we would all consider her to be fat. :) (She was, but who cares!)
So when I got them from their different trains and we all went back to our home, she said: "Boy, I´m so relieved. I thought I was going to be the fattset in this round. But all of you guys are at least as fat as me."
*lol now that wasn´t really very nice to say, but she felt better then. :)
Have fun with Deb. I´m sure you´ll enjoy it.

Forever Young said...

you are certainly going round the globe to meet us girls, i'm next!
i envy you as i'd love to meet debs myself!