Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thurday - only two more commutes

This week has been spent packing up or shredding of 13 years worth of junque in my office. I admit, I am a pack rat at work, but find that keeping info does often come in handy. But now it's all gone, so no one can ask me "how did you do that purification 10 years ago?". Sorry, it's all gone!

So I only have tomorrow and Monday left to commute into Cambridge. HURRAY!!!! Tuesday and Wednesday they are moving us and Thursday we get to unpack and settle into our new homes close to home. I can't wait! But I was getting a bit nostalgic today about not coming into the city anymore, and might make the time to come in for meetings in our corporate office - just to get my city fix.

I had my first class last night at the Worcester Art museum, a continuation of a mixed media class from the fa... I do find it a bit frustrating in that there are very few continuing students so we seem to start the same stuff over and over again. But I'm doing my own projects so it is really a one on one class for me. I did bring in some items for critique and got some good feedback about distressing a frame for a shadowbox, and some other good feedback. We are also doing an art piece a day for the class, and I've decided to do a paper - mixed media quilt. Should be interesting.


Nancy Bea Miller said...

Hey, this is interesting to me as I just started teaching an art class. I'm curious at to what an adult student really wants from the class experience? I imagine it is different for different people, but drop me a line if you have any particular thoughts on the subject? Thanks!

ElizT said...

I like the idea of a paper quilt!
The teachers I have valued most are those whose skill is to motivate, and then follow-up as required.

Lynn said...

I want to see your paper quilt when done too! Sounds like fun.

I've been in your neighborhood (years ago). My DH went to highschool in Avon, MA. Not far from Worchester correct? Your art class sounds like fun.

Happy new office!

Debra Kay said...

I miss (sometimes) working in downtown Dallas, but not enough to move back. I never commuted there, I only lived 6 miles away-I think I am pretty much done with big cities.

Art class sounds great-I need to think about that-I've always wanted to do that. Isn't it odd, I've handled a 10 foot snake, touched several sharks and even an orangutan, but never have taken an art class.