Sunday, January 13, 2008

So much has been going on...

We did do this view on Friday night, after all the family fuss, just the three of us sat on the beach, wrapped in towels and watched the sun go down. Always one of the highlights of a trip to Sarasota

Since before Christmas things at the Stella Household have been topsy turvey. We were in Florida for the holidaies, where I spent most of my time cleaning and paying bills, but had fun anyway. Then I came home alone for 9 days to absolutely freezing weather (4 and 5 degrees Celsius) and then we'd have a day of 50 degrees. The snow melted and froze and melted again. I wore down coats and then plain jackets.

Last Wednesday night I flew back down to Tampa, got picked up and had dinner with Tony (what a treat) and then on Thursday morning - I went out to breakfast to meet Deb. All of you who have been reading about my obsessions know I was nervous - but very happy to have the opportunity to meet this special person. So yes, I did fly out of the house a tad late, drove like a nut, did a two wheeler into the parking space and started towards the cafe. And yes, there was Deb, wiggling in her seat with excitement and waving. We had a big hug, and alot of "you looked just like I expected, and sat down with some coffee.

Here's the nice part. By blogging a bit about our lives, we get a glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of that person. They choose what to blog about, and what persona to show to the world. As would be expected, there is so much more to learn about a new friend, and we just jumped in, asking about things we knew about and talking about the snakes, and my dad's birthday along with so many other things that have nothing to do about blogging or art, or on line etc. Anyway, we sat there for about two hours, gabbing and finally we both had to take off to our respective responsibilities. But oh yes, this was a treat. Deb is a total love, honest, straight forward and kind. I really look forward to continue blogging with her and meeting up again someday.

And my next in person visit will be with FY - and I expect that will be as wonderful.

I was going to take pictures of Deb and I but just didn't get around to it and it was OK. Here is my memory drawing of Deb, in person she is of course, much more animated and smiley.


Debra Kay said...

I LOVE it...I'm Famous Now!!!!!
I know we'll meet again, probably in Sarasota or some place in between. And there is still so much more to talk about.

ElizT said...

What a feast of posts!
All fascinating. And you were both brave to meet off-blog. Lovely.

ksklein said...

nice post. i´m glad your meeting went well.
so you want 2008 to be a quieter year?

Mim said...

2008 looks like it's going to be a busy year also but it's better than the alternative of being bored.

Michele said...

What a great picture of Deb : )