Saturday, January 5, 2008

Circles - January 5th

I don't know what defines a Mandala but started drawing some circles this week just to play with colors and markers. It is very soothing to work within a circle, and I'm going to investigate this more - Teri has a Mandala site that is wonderful. My are all DVD sized - that' s what was to hand.

First one above and then scanned in and color enhanced. I love the fact that you can adjust colors to see what they look like when changed. Sometimes it's a bad feature, sometimes it fun to play with a different color scheme without going back and redoing everything. Cheating? maybe - what do you think?

It's not meant to be a "7" in the circle about, it's just the way it turned out. But since it supposed to be a lucky number, maybe I'll take it as a sign.


Debra Kay said...

The bottom is my favorite-circles within circles, stories within stories, some interconnected, some stand alone.

I've been thinking of recreating my bowling ball gardenonly this time with a twist. I have a circular planter in the backyard I was going to turn into an iris bed, maybe I'll scatter some bowling balls in it as well-maybe I'll paint them this time.

Teri C said...

Oh fun!!! These are wonderful mandalas! There are probably rules for doing mandalas but I do whatever pleases me. I am starting to read a mandala book by Judith Cornell and I think it will only enhance what I do.

Don't you find these almost a meditation? I just follow my instincts and am always amazed at what appears.

I hope you do more.

Mim said...

Teri - I totally agree with you - it's sort of rules without rules if you know what I mean. I do plan to do more, I love circles and repetition.

ElizT said...

The third one is really satisfying.

suzanne said...

Love these....great color choices!