Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bernie's contest - do it for the dogs!

Darn...Bernie has dropped to Number 6 or 7 which is just terrible! She won't win unless she is in the top 4. Oh, bug all your friends and neighbors. Bernie does SUCH wonderful work, and is such a great person. Claudine has been helping so much. Donate by using the badge on my blog..or Claudines..or Bernies...or at six degrees... PLEASE help out if you can.


Debra Kay said...

Dogs have so much to teach us. Give your dollars if you can, your prayers if you can't. I would love to visit Bernies one day and play with all the kids! I bet there is a special one there just for you-and now that you are not commuting...(Deb, the doggy matchmaker)

caseytoussaint said...

I'm coming in late and don't quite understand what needs to be done here!
Thanks for all your comments, Mim - I'm finally back online and trying to catch up. Let me know what needs to be done and I'll gladly help!