Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where does the time go???

Lately I feel pressed for time in all directions. Work. Home. Health (?). Friends. Where do I find the time to do what I love? Isn't it silly to only find time for drawing on a plane? When do I find time to visit my online friends, and visit other sites, see new artwork, chat, learn? And non-virtual friends - it's even harder to find a way to all get together.

Tonight my nephews were supposed to come over for a relaxing sleepover, but yesterday their grandmother died, suddenly and of a stroke, so I am going up to NH to be with the family and just have a hug with those kids. Yes, they're almost 15 and "understand" death but in reality they are still little kids, excited about going to see their Nonna and surprising her with a visit. Yes, they understand that it was a "good death" in that she didn't suffer and didn't linger on this earth too long after suffering that stroke, but oh boy... they are sad and hurting and all I want to do is to get up there and actually touch them. It's almost an overwhelming feeling, this need to touch.

So, there goes the day off at home. Can't sort out those old clothes for Goodwill. Can't go to the postoffice. Can't do all the itsy-bitsy chores that fill up a day...but I can be there for my boys, give them a big hug for me and for them and help them thru this sad time.

Ah well... I guess I do understand where time really goes.


steve said...

I know Mim, I agree--not enough time for things. but it's obvious you know what's most important here.

ElizT said...

You are a wonderfully close aunt, having put in the time.

ksklein said...

Oh I can completely understand you. I feel pressed for time ever since I got kids. Even when I used to work all day I felt that I had more time than now. No more work, just the kids and household!
I don´t understand this phenomenon and I want my work back!!!! ;)

Loretta said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Mim. Life does come crashing down around our hears when we least expect it. Hope you find some quiet time for yourself very soon.

Debra Kay said...

I have all the time in the world, and still have trouble making time for art for ME. That's what it comes down to, doesn't it, making yourself a priority? Sorry, I'm good on answers, but short on implementation.

Lynn said...

So sorry for the loss of grandma. You are doing the most important thing by going there to hug your boys and be with family. Butyou know that. Those other things will be there when you return. Have a safe trip. Hugs to all.