Sunday, January 20, 2008

The best laid plans...

I have been working on quilts for my nephews and had hoped to have them done by Christmas -but there was not way to get it all completed. By Thanksgiving I knew it was a no - go so gave them other presents and showed them the partially finished quilts. Being delightful kids they were pleased with their alternate gifts and enjoyed the thoughts of the quilts. I have one top finished and have been working on the second top.

The second top has caused me great grief and trouble. I tried a pattern that called for making uneven strips of fabric, sewing them all together and then cutting large quilting squares and making the quilt that way. After just a few minutes I knew this was going to be a disaster and would take forever. Essentially you have to make the strips of fabric before you can even start cutting the quilt. I knew the kid would be in college before I could finish this. Here's an example:
So I punted. I made the squares, but much less than called for and I bought precut blue jean fabric off ebay. Then I used the made fabric as accents only. While I was working on it I realized that it was kinda dull so I took the made red fabric and cut circles and appliqued them all over the top. That brightened it up a bit. I may add more, not sure yet.
I 've decided to tack this quilt, and was getting ready to do it tonight BUT found that the batting that I have is only twin size. When I started these quilts both boys had twin beds. One now has a double size, so I had to make a larger quilt for one and figured that I'd better make a larger size for both kids. But I forgot about the batting. And now its' Sunday night and I can't use yucky Wal mart poly fil after getting used to Dream Wool, so I went on line to order dream wool. Hopefully it will come while I am in California so that I can really finish it next week. I'm a bit worried about the binding on this quilt. I got some red flannel and would prefer to do it myself but I'll have to see. The green quilt that I made for Brian I am going to have professionally quilted and finished off. Since I made that so long ago, I feel I didn't put as much creativity into the whole quilt, so I'd like to to have really nice quilting. Plus a blue jeans quilt calls out for a tacked finsh, don't you think?
And here's a sample of the unfinished, unironed quilt. I chose not to set out the jeans material in advance, I wanted a random approach. I think I got random, but sometimes random patternes.

I hope I have it finished before winter comes.

A good friend just told me that she is going to be a first time grandma. I'm starting her gender neutral quilt already!


Debra Kay said...

I have a quilt my mom made me out of my old blue jeans-it's on my couch right now. It's tacked with red yarn.

In truth, she made two, so this one may be my daughter's she made for her out of HER old blue jeans, but be that as it may, I love that quilt!

BlissHill said...

I was going to suggest tacking it with red yarn. It would tie the colours together nicely.

Lynn said...

Mim, I think this quilt is terrific. I do love the striped squares. Your use of colors and patterned fabric there is wonderful. Too bad it took too long to do. However mixing it up with denium works well too and I love the red dots. And the randomness of it all. I am sure the boy will love it. By tacking do you mean tying? Putting yarn through in the corners where the squares come together as the way to tie the top to batting and backing? Instead of stop sewing it?
I am relatively new to quilting so may not know all the jargon yet. :-)

Also, I do believe you mentioned wanting to join Cris and I in our *Healthy Eating/Exercise Health For Life plan*. You are most welcome.
We are both doing so well with it and are enjoying great positive changes in a very short time. See my blog tomorrow (I haven't blogged it yet) to see how it worked for me today!

ElizT said...

I love your colours too.

Mim said...

Thanks all, and Lynn - that's exactly what I am talking about with the red yarn, I think it will give a great look to the piece and really fit the kids personality. Bliss I was definitely thinking of red yarn or thread.

Michele said...

I so wish I knew how to quilt. My grandmother was a quilter and I still have several beautiful guilts that she made for me. What a treasure for your nephews.