Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday night - Home

I'm unpacked, in my comfys and happy to be home. Not a terrible flight, I had a window seat and as usual, I plugged in my ipod...grabbed some colored pencils and started doodling. I had about 1 square foot of space to stretch out in, the poor kid next to me must have been 6 feet tall and was curled up like a bug in his seat.

Skymall is SUCH an interesting magazine (not) - here are some excerpts from what you can buy on an airplane. ( I do not know what is wrong with my scanner - it's one of those combo scanner/printers and it's printing funny also. I have to see if I can get it serviced.

My personal favorite is the octopus type charger for all the essential road warrior equipment - and the marshmellow shooter. Just what you want on a plane.

Thanks for all the non-lectures, and caring messages. I am feeling great..and then my dr called me today and said that the antibiotic that I am on is not effective against this infection, so she put me on another one that I started tonight. I think the first one must have been doing something otherwise I'd still be on the bathroom floor!

Ah well, a peaceful weekend is planned. The kids are coming over with the third "Pirates of the Caribbean" and we'll just lounge and enjoy each other. Lovely.


Forever Young said...

that's the way, veg out with the kids and a good telly programme

Debra Kay said...

My all time favorite sky mall thing is the underwater propulsion thingy-I really do want one of those....but I don't snorkel enough to justify the cost.

Michele said...

Having a comfy relaxing weekend sounds like a great idea. I think we should all do it : )

Lynn said...

Your sketches are terrific. A nice way to while away the time on a air trip.
Have fun with the kids!