Monday, January 21, 2008

One has time to think on the plane!

I have time to think on a plane, and time to write, sort out my computer messes, people watch and draw funny pictures from the in flight “you must buy this” magazine. .

I am fuming a bit because I missed my flight this morning, and missed out on the upgrade that I usually get on that flight. But they’ve got me in an exit row so at least I can move my legs around. We connect in Dallas to go to San Diego, and I’m hoping for a smooth connection. ( it was and I got upgraded on that leg so yay for me!)

I’m still amazed that I missed my flight; it is so unlike me that I question whether I am still under the weather or I just didn’t want to go.

Here’s what happened. I think I had an infection brewing for a few weeks but was unaware of it. Actually I wasn’t totally unaware but was not paying attention. Too busy with parents and holidays etc. So this thing brewed and brewed and finally got my attention on Thursday - so I hopped off to the Dr. and got some wonderful antibiotics. But think about it, by that time something had been brewing in my system for a few weeks and a few doses of antibiotics was not the magic bean
Thursday night I woke in a cold sweat, was clammy and uncomfortable and rather delirious, I knew something was wrong but couldn't’t articulate it, had no fever, in fact it was very low and in our house you aren’t sick unless you have a fever. I was hyperventilating and kept walking around because it felt like my blood pressure was low and all I could think to do was move. I was stumbling around the house feeling like I needed something, went into the bathroom – passed out and on the way down pulled the towel rack right out of the wall. And not just the rack part – the actual piece of the wall pulled out. On the way down I must have hit the bathtub with my hip because I have a black and blue mark the size of my hand – it’s actually more black than blue and is really ugly looking, and twisted my back – yow! I think I was heading towards sepsis and the fact that I was on antibiotics kept me from going all the way there. I have no idea if this makes medical sense at all but the dictionary says symptoms are:
Cool, pale extremities
High or very low temperature, chills
Low blood pressure, especially when standing
Low urine output (due to kidney failure)
Rapid heart rate
agitation, lethargy, or confusion
Shortness of breath
Of which I had most.
I managed to get up from the hard bathroom floor to see a horrified and terrified husband who had no clue what to do, except to help me get back to bed and try to calm me down. I don’t think he had any idea how potentially scary this might have been. He thought about driving me to the ER but we were having sleet and snow, and by the time he thought about calling 911 I was asleep again. To him, fever means sick and no fever means not sick. He is not clued into the “no fever, potentially worse” scenario. Well, he is now. He has strict instructions about delirium and odd behavior associated with an infection. He also stayed up all night worrying that I would start walking around again and would fall down the stairs and hit my head.

So, wisely I didn’t go to work on Friday, didn’t fly to California on Saturday as planned, and took it easy most of the weekend. We did go snowshoeing yesterday for a short time, and it did leave me exhausted and sore. Nice slow walks along the ocean are planned for California this week. Nice and peaceful.

Before anyone lectures me, I did call the Dr for a complete physical when I get back. And yes, I know that this could have been life threatening. Funny thing …when you’re feeling sick you don’t think logically do you? Someone else has to do that for you. My non- medical hubby had better wise up!

So all this trauma must be why I had a good night’s sleep last night and slept thru the alarm, the phone calls from the limo company and my internal alarm clock. I just needed it! And I promise to pay attention to body signals in the future ...good lord one would think I was a medical idiot. ...


ksklein said...

Hey Mim, no lectures from me. But please do take care of yourself. I would miss you if anything worse would happen.
Hope you are feeling better now.

Mim said...

Thanks Kerstin! I am being very good to myself, am getting ready for a little walk after having coffee in bed in a nice hotel :)

Debra Kay said...

Herbal tea, and lots of it Mim dear. We need to keep that kidney flushed out while you work out what is going on with you. No lectures, just a hug. Glad you are in San Diego where it's warm!

Michele said...

What an awful experience. I hope you are feeling 100% again very soon.

ElizT said...

I sympathise having just slowly come right after one of my worst illnesses ever. [Years ago I fainted in the bathroom and broke the toilet seat with my nose on the way down]

Fern said...


Sarah said...

No lectures from me either - just take care honey, and I'm glad to read you are well on the way to recovery, further up the page.

Lynn said...

This is NOT a lecture. But be sure to EDUCATE dh that one can call ER to get advice at least, tell symptoms...I'd sure like to know why I fainted, etc. Oy. Glad it wasn't worse and you'll go get checked out to be on the safe side.
Do I sound like a Jewish Mother? Well I am! So there! LOL