Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday update

Since coming back from Florida I've been sorta sick, under the weather and have finally decided to take a day off work and stay home and stay in bed. Probably the best thing for me. I'm supposed to go to California tomorrow for the week but am going to cancel the weekend part of the trip at least.

Before Christmas Deb, Switchsky and I decided to exchange goodie bags of stuff, I started the whole thing by begging people to take cigar boxes that I had a surplus of (if you want some, just email me!) and had a great time assembling the box of junk, stuffing things in, from rocks, to glitter to foam pieces. I've gotten a GREAT box from Deb and while my intention was to spread everything out and take a picture, the things were so great that I started using them right away. So much for good intentions.

Here are some toasty socks and a beautiful warm cozy PURPLE (my favorite color) blanket.

There will be more pictures coming of more fun stuff.

So the socks are on my feet, I'm wrapped in color and am going back to bed. Thanks Deb.


Sarah said...

Sorry to read you're ill - still looks like those cosy things are helping -

hope you feel better soon

Forever Young said...

wishing you loadsa chicken soup, a good book, a toasty bed and lotsa tlc.

ElizT said...

And the same wishes from me; socks are very cheerful things, I find.

Mim said...

Thanks for the good wishes ladies. Chicken soup it is,

Debra Kay said...

The "blanket" is just a scrap of fleece-I bought a big pile a while back for dog coats. But, I'm glad that it came in handy-feel better soon my friend!

Loretta said...

I hope the bug is gone and you are feeling well. Love those socks! So enjoyed your stories about Coney Island. I could see where it would be a little scary to a kid!