Monday, January 14, 2008

It sure is January

We have about a foot of snow in the yard right now and I didn't even venture out of the house to day, instead chose NOT to hassle with the drive and do work at home. But of course, every other employee in Massachusetts also chose the same thing so now none of us can get on with our VPN thingy's. At least not reliably. So...I'll blog instead...right?

Claudine did a great post about Bernie Berlin and her animal shelter and I've put up the badge again. It was on my site but seemed to not be working so hopefully this will help. Go read Bernie's blog, she is such an awesome person, and loves her animals so much. Go donate to help her build a better shelter. She takes such good care of her animals, and gives so freely of her time, love and money. When I get a dog, it's going to be from Bernie - first of all I know how well she cares for them and secondly, I am dying to visit her place and perhaps help out for a day or two if possible.

So dear friends, just give $10.00 if you can, or less...or more and Bernie's little 4 footed (sometimes 3 footed) friends will send you a doggie or cat prayer. Plus you might win one of her awesome ATC's - wow! and double wow!

Back to "work". sigh....


Debra Kay said...

I did my 10 dollars!
Just think, giving up two latte's could help out some wonderful pooches.

Debra Kay said...

Mim, where ARE you? Don't go missing on me.

Forever Young said...

i gave 100 dollars last year, will do the same again, thanx for reminding us mim.