Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good intentions

I'm going to join with Lynn and Cris in a healthy eating plan. I've been doing pretty good except for over the holidays with eating right, but do have to get out there and exercise. I was just reading Lynn's blog about exercise, and got all excited about going for a walk - looked out the window and it's snowing. Good Excuse to stay in Jammies!!! Actually I will go out, since it is snowing lightly, and it's pretty, and I'll wear boots that won't make me slip!
This is not the eternal quest for the perfect body (yeah, right - like that would ever happen!) but just the realization that it's time to get serious. Last week's episode of fainting really did scare me - I have to take care of me. I do enjoy my life after all, and want to continue to enjoy it! I need to be there for my nieces and nephews and for the 'rents. And the big one, the hubby !
I think that the big change for me will come when I stop the oh so long commute into the city after next week. We have to have our offices packed by next Friday, and the movers start coming the week afterwards. By the week of Feb 4th, I'll only be commuting 12 miles instead of 30 and on back roads - not conjested city streets. This will give me about an additional 2 hours per day to do MY stuff, and I hope like hell I can convince myself to do spinning again, or yoga, or stationary bike.
Wish me luck -


Debra Kay said...

I joined several online exercise challenges this month-am going to fall short of my 100 miles/1000 minute goal, but it has helped me work out NOW when I can, rather than wait for an optimal time.

I'm doing pretty well on the healthy eating thing-I've been working on it for over a year now...I started working on eating healthy before I got the lap band, and just continued it-because, well, healthy eating is good for weight loss too, isn't it? The band limits quantities so there is no room for junk AND good food, so I mostly just eat good food. It is frightening how addicted I was to fast food. Now "fast food" is a can of tuna.

I'm still a lazy cook-so I've learned to eat healthy AND fast (to prepare) while eating slowly and chewing....ahhhhh, I'm confused.

Lynn said...

Mim, so glad to see you are coming on board with us. It feels good to have supportive friends join together in this endeavor. What could be more important that striving for on going good health?
Just makes sense.
You'll love your new commute. I did this about seven years ago...and the difference was/is wonderful. Wondering what work you do?

Hope you will share comments about your journey in this healthy eating and exercising with us on my new blog.

Michele said...

I so need to get with it as far as exercise goes. I've used the cold weather as my excuse to do absolutely nothing when I could be doing Yoga in my living room. Thanks for your posts that will hopefully motivate me to get off my behind. Also, I'm so glad your commute is going to be shorter. What a relief.

Forever Young said...

mmmm, this is all too adventurous for me...i'm going to adapt it to fit me...will post as soon as i decide what i mean by that(tee hee)

Sarah said...

Good to hear you're going to get more time - and good luck with the healthy eating.

Cris in Oregon said...

Hi Mim.. this was exciting to see my logo I made here. I am glad you are joining Lynn and I in this new health plan we are doing. I still have dial up so it takes me awhile to get to everyone's blog.
We can all struggle together. lol
It isnt easy to do this in winter but it can be done.
I am learning how to use colored pencils too. They are so nice and portable arent they? :)