Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Animal Wednesday and the Big Draw

Poor Miss Em had a bad day, and Sammy is trying his best to cheer her up. Think it'll work?

Happy Animal Wednesday to all my fellow animal lovers and drawers.

Another question for my friends out there - do you copyright your artwork and/or your blog? Just askin'!


ElizT said...

Yes, unless he starts the messy licking.

Fern said...

aw elizt..but the messy licking is worth it.

Sammy is a miracle dog.

Mim said...

Sammy IS the best - a lifetime dog.

Cestandrea said...

Hi Mim it will work! :) Can't imagine anything else. So touching this drawing with just a few lines and shadows.

sukipoet said...

Love the yellow shoes. Hope Miss Em is feeling better soon. I just put on notice in my sidebar saying all is copyright protected and saying please ask permission to use words or photos. I am not overyly worried for myself abt copyright regarding my own work. I never have been but some folks go freaky over it.

Rowena said...

Miss Em is so expressive it's wonderful.

As to the copyright... nope, I don't. I should, right? So you made me start researching. I looked on and came up with this.

Apparently, it's already copyrighted, but can't hurt to put an announcement. I still need to learn about the photo thing and watermark thing. Maybe I need that, too.

Teri C said...

Aw, this is so adorable and sweet!

I put a copyright note on my Blog but not sure if it stops anyone from stealing. I have heard all kinds of horrow stories.

Debra Kay said...

If I had something recurring, like your Em, I would copyright. My output is a series of ideas that I will refer to one day to try to work into a book, but right now it's just random stuff.

I did worry in the beginning, and tried to save the "good stuff" for a folder, unblogged, but that isn't fair to those of you who slog through the drivel and it messes with the progression of where I started and how I came to be at today's point.

I am only just now beginning to grasp how the "alter ego" can help you express without fully exposing yourself. I'm a slow learner.

Bibi said...

Dogs rarely fail to cheer people up! Cute drawing.

studio lolo said...

Wet doggy kisses are a cure for most ailments :P

There's a lot of controversy regarding images being stolen from blogs, esp Flickr. I've been scolded a million times by well-meaning friends! Like Suki and Teri, I put a copyright blurb on my "about me" column but I haven't done anything legally. And there's something referred to as "intellectual property" when it's something written or drawn and is unpublished. I'd Goggle that if I were you! Protect this gem of a book you have going here :)

ElizT said...

Cats have their uses.

studio lolo said...

Ugh. I meant "Google."

Never drink and blog!

Although I guess you could goggle it if you wanted to have a closer look :D

soulbrush said...

wish i could send snuffs over to give you a cuddle miss em.
i don't bother to copyright anything...all just fun stuff for me....but you (and lolo) should definitely look into miss em is definitely going to be a book one day. we all know it!!! cheer up miss em.