Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday night

It's a quiet night.  DH is out playing racquetball.  I'm switching winter clothes/summer clothes. Bringing out all the sweaters. Trying to enjoy the quiet (lately, it's been oppressive - I don't know why), and naturally, reading blogs - catching up with friends. 

Reading other's blogs is so strange sometimes. There are the people that I "know" and the people I'm getting to "know".  That's OK, I read and comments and learn, and visit and keep up with friends. 

There are other blogs that I read, and never comment - and sometimes I wonder if the voyeur in me is reading and following the story - maybe I don't think it's real?  

This blog is done by a Mormon lady who had a sister in a terrible accident.  Beside the fact that the whole family is absolutely wholesome and gorgeous looking, and they are close knit and tremendously family oriented - there is a sense of reality that comes thru in this blog that is pretty amazing.  These people also have such faith - I am both jealous and skeptical.   The one sister has taken in the 4 children of the sister in the accident.  The sister in the accident was terribly burned and it's just a tragic story.  There is tremendous blogging support for this family, on line auctions and fund raisers and concerts.  Its unbelievable what the power of this medium can do. 

I don't really know why I keep following this blog.  Is it voyeurism?  Am I hoping for a miracle that the sister will wake up with a whole heart?  Do I think I am following a story that must have a happy ending?  Is it compassion or "glad it's not me".  

I just don't know.  

I do know that I have gotten drawn into the family saga, and DO want a happy ending to the story - be it years in coming.  Maybe it just the ability to help slightly, by buying something on auction.  Maybe it's knowing that the new skin the sister is getting is grown by my company - and I know the tremendous compassion that the people growing those cells have for the burn victims.   There are a whole lot more important things going on in this world, but I've gotten caught up in this drama - and yes...have sent up a few prayers for the family. And, am counting my blessings - at least trying to  - every day. 


Debra Kay said...

Wow. Wow. Rough stuff. Burns freak me out, I've spent time on a burn unit (as a visitor, not a patient).

soulbrush said...

omg and we worry if our hair is not the right colour, or we put on a few pounds weight! i hate myself when i read this wonderful blog. you are right, we are all voyeurs in some form or other, but when something bad happens to one of amazes me how the others rally round, through blogging to give lucky she is to have such a large extended family to be there for support....that's what it's all about.

soulbrush said...

frivolous note:
i dedicated my saturday giggle to you!
wv: unseem (this is geting wierder)

studio lolo said...

What a well-written, touching blog that woman has. I don't think you're a voyeur. I think you're a compassionate person who stumbled onto her story and stayed to see what you could do to help ;)

sukipoet said...

Hi MIm. I looked at the blog briefly, and it is as you say. Heartwarming and sad at the same time. I had read of another woman who was injured in a small plane accident with her husband. Mother of 5 small ones I think. And she too had via her sister I think people rallying round via blogging to send prayers and money. I thought this might be the same woman but I think that woman was out west somewhere. So maybe it's not. You are good hearted and how wonderful that your company is helping out too. Blessings to all who are injured and ill.

sukipoet said...

do yuo think people who watch the horrors of tv news are voyeurs?

sukipoet said...

oh wait. I scrolled down further and read the sister is out west. Plane crash. This is the one I read before maybe even via a link in yyr blog? Or someone's. Yikes.

Mim said...

I guess I don't really think I am a voyeur, but do think that sometimes when we watch tragedy on TV or in the newspapers there is a "thank god it's not me" moment - selfish and very human.

I don't formally pray. I don't go to synagogue. But I do pray for some kind of something for this family, and these children.