Sunday, October 5, 2008

Early Sunday morning - nothing special!

If you are into handmade fabric - check out this site. Lynn, I thought this might be great for your grandkids art work somehow. It's a site called Spoonflower and somehow you design your own fabric. I think about Ms Em, tromping across a quilt. Could be a bit odd.

I posted Ms. Em walking the dogs and trying to protect them from the rain. Eliz thought that the doggies should be carrying their own umbrella and send me this photo. Not only was it great that she sent this to me...but I'm childishly pleased with the way I have copied it here. Thanks E - (and my tutors, Fern and OF)

It's pretty cute isn't it? I do agree that doggies should try to carry their essentials when able. I used to have a great fanny pack called "Outward Hound" and it had two places to put water, one for dogs and one for humans. And it had a collapsible bowl and a place for food. I think that if I had made Samson the lab carry his own food on one of those doggie backpacks, he would have spent all his time curving in circles trying to get at the delicious smelling stuff.

We did go bike riding yesterday, and it was alot of fun, but we got sort of lost (well, he says he knew exactly where we were but I guess we weren't exactly where we were supposed to be) so it was longer than anticipated. But still fun. I didn't get the great fall pictures that I wanted to as most of the wonderful fall foliage was flying past me as I was hurtling downhill faster than I really wanted to be going. But here are some pictures I took of the path.

We picked up Chinese food on the way home, chowed it down, I had a hot bath and became a lo mein noodle and crashed into bed for a good solid 8 hours.
Excercise is really amazing. All of the troubles seem to melt away when I'm out there bike riding. I know it doesn't mean that they've gone away...and frankly, I don't get clarity on how to deal with them, but they just leave me for awhile. I love being off the roads, in the woods and not knowing what I am going to find around the next bend. While it's a bit scary, I love going fast down a hill...and if the uphill doesn't last too long, I love that also. The flats are my favorite, where I can stop and take pictures and enjoy being outdoors. Well, maybe again today, we'll see.

Oh yeah...the Big Draw! I copied this picture from one of my art books - always fun to draw backsides.


sukipoet said...

Well interesting drawing. I like the shading of the flesh and the views. I saw in a PO y'day that you can buy a kit to make your own photo postage stamps. Kit cost 19$. I thought it a great idea. (your design your own cloth made me remember this) How did you solve the football quilt dilema? Glad the bike ride was a fun adventure.

soulbrush said...

ha ha imagine snuffles trying to carry an umbrella, it would be six times bigger than her...oh yes, lovely backsides (what a polite word).

Debra Kay said...

I love downhills. I always wanted to do one of those tours where they haul you to the top of a mountain and then you coast down....(but one that doesn't involve scary ledges). That's the rub-hills means height and scary ledges. I don't do ledges.

I think my favorite rides are by the water. Right now I'm riding in circles in the backyard, training the border collie to run on the walkie dog.

Teri C said...

Buns and umbrellas! LOL

BelleEnchanted said...

I could just see a dog going around in circles if he's carrying his own food! :) I love your drawing, the shading is just lovely.

ElizT said...

It's an umbrella day here.
Where can I go to secretly draw people with clothes on? I am not easy with this.

marianne said...

Must have been a wonderful walk.
Here we have only rain the last 10 days. It is dry now........
I would love to take my dogs to the beach soon now all the tourists are gone here.
I like the bums!

MuseSwings said...

We finally had an umbrella day yesterday - it's been weeks. I think your drawing is wonderful! Nice post!

studio lolo said...

We had rain here the other day. So strange for October. It rains for the entire month of Feb usually and tha's it for the year. And then there's the bloody fog though that leaves everything drippy. Still, it's nothing we have to shovel!

Nice buns btw! I used to have a waist :D