Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Big Draw - October 15th and 16th

Miss Em decides to leave the classical music quartet and run off to play bluegrass music. Her friends are astounded at her choice, and figure that she'll be back to play "real" music soon.

A sketch of what was sitting on my placemat before dinner.

A sketch of the corner cabinet in my kitchen. It has much more stuff on it..too much I did some virtual house cleaning. I was at a meeting right before the debate and started doodling (hence the circles and fish head); then came home to watch that oh-so-boring debate. Mostly pencil on this one.

I have my "studio" in the basement but have found it to be much more fun to draw upstairs in the kitchen while DH is cooking or watching TV or whatever. I also get the benefit of him commenting on perspective or giving me hints on how to draw something, or a detail that I'm missing. It's much better than "asking" for a critique - somehow much less bruising to the ego. I'm liking this big draw!


sukipoet said...

Well you and Miss Em have been busy. Hope Miss Em enjoys her new musical venue. I like the idea of virtual housecleaning. Much easier. By the end of this month that stuff on your placemat may BE your dinner! Your doodles are much more interesting than those guys. Ps Maybe DH would like to give some critiques to us guys out here.

Lynn said...

I love your doodle of the candidates and their "voices" too!
Yes, one is quite a lot more elegant speaking than the other, and in other ways too. Your other drawings are good too, as always.
I wish I could draw away the messes in this house! ;-) Great idea.
I have been sitting here for an hour and 15 mintues I need to move!

soulbrush said...

this has certainly inspired you and ms em to get busy busy busy....i'm going to start a new slogan' we want em' 'we want em'.

Teri C said...

How fun. I think there was a lot of sketching going on during the debate.

ps, I NEVER ask DH what he thinks because I don't like his answers :)

ElizT said...

Did Miss Em regain her yellow shoes with the bluegrass?

Debra Kay said...

Glad Miss Em is branching out again!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Fun drawings of Miss Em.
love your virtual house cleaning too. your drawings are great. My hubby has a pretty good eye too. If I am stumped... been looking to long.. he can see what is bothering me right away. Nice to have.

Mary Richmond said...

love miss em and her spirit! and all your drawings have such wonderful simplicity and life in them.

studio lolo said...

Nipsy Russell and Don Rickles?