Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More of Miss Em's day for the Big Draw

Waking up - love those pj's  missy.  
Too bad...raining outside

Walking to the store with the purple umbrella

Doggie bath - he needed it after walking thru puddles

Locking up for the day

Walking home - getting in trouble as usual.  Watch out Em! 

A night out after a long day at work. 
The End. 


ksklein said...

Woo hoo... it is turning into a book!

Love the little spots of color you add to the drawings.

sukipoet said...


Teri C said...

This was so fun, sharing your day, er, Miss Em. so adorable!

Debra Kay said...

Miss Em has the best days.

Lynn said...

I just love Ms Em. They are so wonderful as they are spontanious drawings from your imagination. I hope I can learn to do this one day. I do love how you only add a touch of color and it shouts out the storyline so well.

I looked into the fabric design spot. I am excited about doing this.Thanks so much for guiding me there Mim.

Elizabeth said...

I like the mixture of line drawing and colour: full of character. Nice!

soulbrush said...

i'm totally in love with her. those shoes----i want a pair just like hers please!

studio lolo said...

You've really got something great going on here! I love her life :)