Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 6 - the big draw...and a Monday

It was such a typical Monday. I overslept, ran around like a turkey getting to work, only to sit, bored, at a web-based conference multi-tasking as usual. So while the web meeting was going on, I was drawing my computer and desk stuff...and watching the stock market prices.

Frankly, I don't understand the stock market stuff, I just know that it makes me nervous. I'm not fond of change...and change is here and I get jittery. Hearing all those stories from the '30's - how Dad's family lost money and houses - just makes me shudder. Right now all my money is in my mattress :) so I guess it doesn't really matter to me.
God, I just want to live happy and healthy - can't we arrange that?

But babies still go on being born, and the sun still rises...and I finally finished my football quilt. It was a real challenge, but the gift giver likes it so there we are.

Now I can finish the quilt that I really like, it's green and brown. No one else likes it as a baby quilt, so I'm going to hang it on my wall. I have a thing for sage green, and love it mixed with ticking type fabric and browns. I went yesterday to The Fabric Place, in Framingham, which is going out of business after 60 years. Actually, it wasn't the best store for great fabrics, but they had nice stuff, and with two huge floors, had just about everything else also. When I got there yesterday, it was like vultures had picked over the place. They're selling everything from fabric to store lighting, and boy - people were buying. I did get some nice fabric for future projects, and some lovely yarn..but all the knitting needle holders were gone, no knitting elastic - nothing. But, as noted before, I hate change and Fabric Place has always been the fall back place to go when you couldn't find it anywhere else. They say that they were actually losing customers to boutique type fabric and yarn stores.

Well, that's my rant for today. It's monday. Chorus practice tonight and Ethyl Smyth piece ( a Mass - makes me feel guilty singing it this week - so guilty that I feel that I am personally responsible for the stock market plunge because I'm so non-observant). Interesting to control the world from my little corner of Stow...


Lynn said...

Mim, I have a client waiting I am sure, but I had to respond to your guilt. LOL Should I say Bad Girl, or try to absolve you for singing a MASS during the High Holy Days? Hummmm. Let me think? How guilty do you feel? Can you sneak in a few bars of Kol Nidre?
I guess I will have to leave this up to you and G_d to decide.
Remember you can always repent on Yom Kippur.
SHana Tova havera!

Your football quilt is so neatly done. Cute too. The little footballer will love it as he turns 3 and 4 especially.

Have fun with future projects and I hear you about the stock market and the store going out of business. Happening all over the place here too.

Your drawing btw is great...did you really conference with 365 others? OY!

Teri C said...

Love that quilt!! The baby will love it now and for years to come.

Good draw.

Debra Kay said...

Love that quilt-it is destined to be a family heirloom.

Kai said...

Aloha.. love the quilt, it's got fab colours.. and the *bum* pictures from yesterday are fun.. I wish mine was small enough to actually be drawn on only one sheet of
PEace, Kai

ElizT said...

Multi-talented multi-tasker.

studio lolo said...

Debra Kay wrote about guilt too. Hmmm.
Ease up on yourself! The quilt is a little guy's dream :)

sukipoet said...

finger injured sse my blog. typing hard. so brief. love the guy thing quilt. hmm, the modern alter, the computer screen. singing brings joy into the world, no small thing. no money and no home, so am already at bottom ebb. sorry you are distressed

soulbrush said...

the quilt is very good, i think mondays have to be the worst it's re-entry into a new week.