Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Being 95

Becoming 95 is quite an achievement - especially for someone like my dad who lived on whiskey, chocolate covered doughnuts and cigarettes his whole life. He's survived polio, scarlet fever, diptheria, three types of cancer, rabid dog bite, and a broken back.

So are we surprised that he has heart failure now? no- not really and are not expecting miracles. But the old guy is tough as nails - and keeps up the fight. This morning he spent a bit of energy telling me how to divide his things - but that I really shouldn't worry about it as he would be home soon.

We don't think so...

We'll see how the next day or so goes.

Family is rallying - all dad's kids will be here by tonight - and that's a wonderful thing. His son in law is here (my very own DH) as well as close friends and family. What more can one want???


Debra Kay said...

Blank? Is everything OK?

Teri said...

What a life, what a fighter. Glad you are all together and as you said, what more can one want. To rally and come home, yes. But to be there for him and comfort his fears and concerns...you can do that for him for now, and he is blessed for that.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

ElizT said...

What a hero and what a good relationship you have had.

Lynn said...

Amazing man your father like a cat with nine lives. 95 and still demanding family and his orange juice, I love it.
We are many of us experiencing this with parents, inlaws, now aren't we. As my husband says we are next on deck.
I wish your dad a smooth passing when the time comes...at his own pace, to his own drummer I imagine...he'll have his way.
Hugs to you, as it's not an easy experience saying good bye to a parent...I know.

sukipoet said...

So glad everyone is able to come and gather around your wonderful dad. Blessings to him and to your family.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad,
but what a long life he has had, not everyone gets that chance. So glad everyone has rallied around.

ksklein said...

He seems such a wonderful person. And it is great that he does talk about his passing and what will happen after.
A friend of mine lost her mother (who had been sick for years) but they never really talked about death. When her mother passed away, she told me that she wished she had talked with her mom about it, as she didn´t even know whether her mom wanted a burial or a cremation.

Fern said...

blessings Mim.

studio lolo said...

He sounds a lot like my dad except mine died at age 69. He waited until his four kids were in the room and said the weirdest thing..."I love every one of you the same amount of money." I went out in the hallway for five minutes and that's when he died.

You're all in my thoughts and prayers. How wonderful to be there for him. It's really a gift and a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Your father is obviously a strong man who has survived many a challenge and is much loved by his family. If he says he'll be home...who knows

God's blessings

kj said...

this just confirms that you, and your family, are wonderful, kind, loving, and present.

thinking of you, mim.


marianne said...

This brings back fresh memories.
Sounds like your dad has lived a great life!
I still remember his photo you showed not so long ago! How wonderful everyone is there for him in this difficult time!
In thoughts I will put my arms around you!
Thinking about you >M<

Debra Kay said...

I'd like to send the old guy home with trumpets and a thunderous chorus. The world may have to wait a long time to see people of his ilk again.

soulbrush said...

sounds like a true 'mensch' to me...thinking of you all in the days ahead. he knows you are all there and loves you for it. hugs from me.