Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday - CED - new watercolor paints

One thing I love is getting up really early and having the house to myself. I can blog or watch TV, drink coffee etc. Not that I don't like it when DH is around but it's different - you know?
I get most of my blogging done at 5:00 am - the downside of that is that I am often one day behind with catching up.

DH gave me a gift certificate to Blicks for Christmas so I got a few things - and these three new tubes of watercolors. I don't have tubes of WC, and thought I should start with these since they are supposed to be good. I did read a review afterwards that said that these are NOT the greatest watercolors but oh well....Since everyone says that "you can make any color with the three primary's I decided to start with those. Not sure if I got the exact right ones.

So I've been playing with these. The colors are very intense - and a weeny, tiny bit of paint is needed for intense color. Since I've been using Inktense pencils , I am used to a much more controlled watercolor experience. These do their own thing on paper, at least I don't know how to control them yet. They spread and wander and I want to learn how to take advantage of that effect. I am investigating watercolor class - a friend has been taking class with a local teacher and does beautiful work.

Here are some round things that I was playing with. What is supposed to be purple comes out more of a brownish purple - not sure why.

...playing with drawing with the brush. Fun for me - never did this before.
I am working on a fish picture which may or may not work out. I think that from here I will go to a more controlled look. Wish I hadn't painted the background.

This is a "walking fish" picture that I am giving to my sister if I can figure out how to ship it to her in Italy. She liked the silly idea of walking fish and I think she'd like this. She lives in Italy, so I can't send it framed since that would be a fortune and probably get broken in transit. The Italian postal system is very unreliable, so I may send it DHL or Fedex.

Still having fun - and that's worth alot.


Cestandrea said...

Hi Mim! These are great experiments with your new watercolors! I love the Schminke brand although I can't get those here in France, at least not where I purchase my WC.
I think what you got is kadmium yellow and kadmium red and ultramarine, which is great.You can do lots of mixes with those you got here. but you have to consider that cadmium WC's are rather opaque and ok if you use just little touches, but they will mess up the other colors if used together. Now, If you get yourself some primary magenta (or also permanent rose or quinacridone rose) primary yellow (or lemon yellow) some viridian green and primary blue (or coelin/sky blue) and perhaps some indian yellow or gommegoutte yellow , (they all have a wonderful transparency and their hues are different from brand to brand) then you will see: I know that they are very expensive but oh, you will be able to make the entire pallette of the rainbow:), with all it's transparency and glow. , How exciting,I could go on forever on color, but don't want to bore you nuts,
so lovely to see you going into this,

studio lolo said...

I admire you for venturing into new territory such as new supplies!
I don't work from tubes at all anymore whether I use WC's or acrylics. I use pan watercolors and bottled acrylics.
There are wonderful little books out for painters of different mediums. I think one is called "The Watercolor Painter's Palette" or something like that. I'll try to find it and email it to you. I think it's by North Light Books.

I love the fish painting. They look like rainbow trout! Your sister will love the dogfish one, I'm sure!

Try matting it and shipping it between 2 pieces of mat board or foam core. That ought to protect it from bending or getting sliced at least!

And I know what you mean about that quiet time in the morning.
Heavenly peace :)

Lynn said...

This is exciting to me Mim. There is a water color class being offered at the community college in March. I must sign up for it...and a drawing class too by the same guy who sounds good. He wrote a book about taking the fear out of drawing. He says anyone can do this. Well I am ANYONE!
LOL And I want to learn.
Did you draw any lines of the top two fish first or just simply paint them? They turned out beautifully.
Love the bottom one too.
Such humor and fun there.
I hope it's okay if I copy out Andrea and Solo's advice?? for future reference.

Enjoy that morning time. What does it matter if you find the blogs a day late? You still see them! ;-) and I still enjoy your reactions.
;-) ;-)

kj said...

i love your drawings and these comments. since i am a writer and not a painter, or illustrator, or colorist, it is such a treat for me to see your work "becoming."

i like your spirit, mim!

Nicole said...

Very cool! I've always wanted to explore more with watercolors. I have a set of watercolor crayons that I like to play with occasionally. Beautiful art!

sukipoet said...

Wonderful that you are trying this new medium for you. I think you've caught on wonderfully fast. I love the fish especially and the picture for your sister. Taking a class sounds fun too.

Teri C said...

What excitment finding a new challenge! You are well on the way just experimenting like this. Love those walking fish. What a hoot!

I love those early am's also.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mim!
oh i am having fun watching you have fun with your new paints!
i love what you are creating!

katie jane said...

I think you are doing well with watercolor. I am learning it too. Fun, isn't it? I don't care too much for tube watercolors either. A little does go a long way. I feel I have better control over the intensity with pan paint. El cheapo brand.
Love the walking fish. Can they ride bicycles, too?

ElizT said...

You are good at trying new things all the time! Nice fish.

Mim said...

Thanks all! what fun to try new things and get such great feedback!

Debra Kay said...

Your experiments are fabulous!