Sunday, February 15, 2009

More about Facebook

I joined FB cause - I don't know why. I just did. Then my friend from grade school found me (we're still in touch after all these years, but she saw me on FB) and she had contacted one other friend and I contacted her. (still following me?) I kept looking at other people's profiles and thinking "how can they have so many friends? i"m so unpopular, i only have three friends". Then I found miss switchsky - who in her sweet and kind manner made me her friend, and then Kirsten..and then Ellis.. and DebraKay....and others from the blogging world. Great. Safe. Good.

THEN - the floodgates opened. Brooklyn came back in spades. TONS of people from what I consider the "old country". Girls who had flips in their hair when they were on the beach - I was always so jealous. Cute bathing suits. Squealed so good when attached by cute boys. Everything I wasn't - or don't remember that I was. Girls who "stole" my boyfriends. Girls I like, and didn't like. Guys I liked who liked me. Guys who were friends. Guys who were too cute to talk to.

It's nice to find people. It's nice to see that most of them are still alive, most still living in Brooklyn or Long Island with kids, and summer houses. Have been invited to a get together (Hilary - I'm NOT going without you) in NYC in two weeks. Don't think I'll go. I left Brooklyn a lifetime ago. I could have stayed and married a mechanic called Tony. Instead I moved away, and married a graphic designer named Tony. I could have big hair...nah - not with this mop. I could be walking down the street in tight jeans, and stilletto heels. Nope - still doesn't feel right.

I just don't know about this FB thing. Like I said, there are a few people that I'm happy to have found and to be in touch with. I'm glad to talk to Hilary and Dale and John, and blogging buddies - But right now I'm happy with my blog, open with my thoughts and feelings here. I'm going to cautiously watch that space, and see what happens. I'll keep ya posted.


sukipoet said...

sounds interesting. I dont even understand facebook. I think I clicked on the site a few times and didnt "get" it somehow. Oh well.

soulbrush said...

mmmmm you know how i feel about fb. i feel so much safer with my bloggy friends, can't explain it, but no fb for me thankyou.

Mim said...

its so voyeur-istic

kj said...

the funny thing is my non-blogger friends wouldn't have a clue why we feel better about our blog friends than facebook.

and i have to admit, yet again, i struggle with caring so much about people i do not know, touch, see and share with in the flesh (pardon the image). still...i certainly do care...

Teri C said...

So, Mim, I am on Facebook, how come I can't find you!!

I joined Facebook last year and have 67 friends! and none from my high school or hometown. How is that possible?

I confess I am mostly inactive there.

Fern said...

here's my facebook confession:

I thought somehow that if I could be in the same "room" with blog friends, rl friends and my family then I'd be cured and could come back to blogging true and square and unafraid.

I am learning a lessonon facebook, but I am not sure yet what it is/what do do with it. It certainly is uncomfortable, and so I am trying to breathe into it like a difficult yoga pose.

not sure what's next. not at all.

Ces said...

I joined FB two years ago because my friends kept urging me then I forgot my account and password. I revived it again last month. I have one friend who is also my friend through emails and blogs. I have many invitations and one is even from my niece but I don't care about having many friends. I thought to myself, do I really care that an old classmate went to the beach last weekend? Anyway, it seems a lot of people are connected yet lonelier and sadder than ever. Yet people are different and there are those who really relish the many friends in FB and if that makes them happy and healthy, more power to them!

Lynn said...

Mim, my son invited me to join face book so I did. I have a fairly good sized family group there, as I have a good number of cousins and cousins grown kids, etc.
And a few friends I met on line in another website.

What I like about facebook is I can peek into my kids lives (my daughter, her husband, and my grown grand daughter, and my former DIL and my current DIL & son all are on it. So I get to keep up so to speak on their little short snippets of life. Where I might not hear from them otherwise as much. (Except for my daughter who lives close by). But even her I learn more about on FB sometimes before I hear it in person. ;-)

I'd be happy to add you to my friends list. What name do you use there? Or you can invite me: Lynn Cohen if you like. I am not into having a lot of "friends" there...
But it's okay for chatting a tiny bit. Email is for long chats. Blogs are for sharing art, and some personal bits of life. Photos can be shared on FB too.

Let me know what you think.

ElizT said...

You evidently like Tonys.
I have a friend who has two daughters,
They both married Nigels.
[word verif. is 'suckers'! but all are lovely people]

studio lolo said...

I'm not going back.

I like it just fine right here.

Mim said...

Miss Lolo = to effectively use that taunt it's spelled "neener, neener" Really girlfriend - have you no street sense? :)

ElizT said...

In our language it is "na na ni naa na!"

ksklein said...

I feel similar about facebook. I joined because many friends invited me.
Now I only use it when I get a message from a friend. Often schoolfriends contact me. But I don´tr really visit it often anddon´t post anything there.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mim!
oh emmitt and i missed you while i was away!
happy belated valentine's day!

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, no...everywhere I turn, people are joining Facebook.

How much longer can I resist?

Who am I kidding? I'm so weak.

:^) Anna

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am on FB because I have friends that are on it and encouraged me to get on. I don't go there unless I am notified that someone sends me a message. It isn't often. I like my blog. I like my blog friends best. Like you though I find out stuff about my niece before the rest of the family knows by reading their FB page. Ha..