Monday, February 16, 2009

Surprise for Valentines day

For Valentines Day - DH gave me a nice weekend away - down to our favorite island - Martha's Vineyard. It was a crisp clear cold weekend - perfect for a weekend getaway to our favorite spot.

This is the outside of the inn we stayed at. Not overly fancy- but quiet and comfortable.

The upstairs hallway.

The fireplace in our room
Fancy big bed - not so comfy but it did for the night.

Harbour view

We walked around, lots of the galleries were open and I snapped a photo of this famous photo by Eisenstadt - I think it's of children at a puppet show. There are a series of these pictures and they are amazing. Look at the expression of that little girl in the hat - it's astounding how this guy captured these moments.

One of my favorite things to do is walk around and look at the houses on this island. There were so many whaling captains houses, - big houses, and little bungalows. Here is one that was almost hidden behind other houses.

This one was great, with it's sort of false front. The house entrance is on the side.

Look at the top half window's with their half shutters. Lovely detail.

This is a cozy little cape - I coveted it. Classic MV look - shingled and small, and cozy. Just my style.
Another tiny house that I just loved - my favorite are these little houses.
Tree root - doesn't it look like a foot, with the big toe turned outwards?

A little lane - leading to other little lanes.

Ocean view. Just look at that sky and the ocean. Such an amazing day.
New Englanders are so optimistic and realistic. The porch ceilings are often painted blue - I always liked that.

A harbor view...
Home again.
Thanks DH - it was a wonderful weekend, peaceful, quiet and gently relaxing.


sukipoet said...

What a lovely Valentine's weekend. It looks gorgeous. I love those little houses too.

Teri C said...

Oh wow, it sounds like heaven! So much to see and such interesting things too. Love those painted ceilings.
And the ocean view.
And the houses.
And the insides of the houses.

Just wonderful. What a guy!!

kj said...

mim, thank you thank you for this weekend getaway. i was "strolling" right along side you. i love the cape and islands like no other place, and you captured all that is special about it. i could snap photos of the houses and spaces all day, all week--you did it for me!

ps i hope your dad is okay...

Teri said...

Lovely weekend, thanks for "inviting' us with your photos and travelogue!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

studio lolo said...

I can't believe I grew up in New England and have never been to MV or nantucket! We'll have to go there when I return. We can bring Ms. KJ :)

How sweet of your hubby..and in your own plane no less. Wow!

Prayers for your dad. Please keep us posted.

ksklein said...

All these houses look soooo beautiful!!

ksklein said...

And what a great idea to paint the ceiling blue. Should I ever have a porch with a ceiling I´ll surely do this too.

Lynn said...

I missed this post...I'm glad you had this escape and the memories to hold forever.
Lovely lovely place and I too enjoy all those little houses.
Reminds me a bit of our Mendocino in CA.
More hugs,